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2018 Volleyball Tryout Information

2018 York Volleyball Tryout Information

Please note: You must have a physical dated after 4/15/18pdf to tryout for volleyball.

Important information:

  • Anyone wanting to play volleyball at York must attend every day of the tryout dates.
  • You do not have to be in Girls’ Athletics to try out.
    • If you make the team and are not currently in Athletics, your schedule will be changed so you are in the class.
  • We do not have make-up dates for volleyball tryouts.
  • Students who try out must attend all days.

Tryout dates:

  • August 20 – 23 (Monday – Thursday)
  • 7th grade
    • Drop off time is 7:00 AM.
    • Tryouts start promptly.
    • 7th grade only: Students may play volleyball while on the Drill Team or in Cheerleading.
  • 8th grade
    • Tryouts begin immediately after school.
    • Pick up time is 5:00 PM.


  • 1st cut: posted Tuesday after tryouts
  • 2018 Volleyball team members: posted Thursday night
  • There will be two teams per grade level.

What to wear:

purple blank t-shirt.
Acceptable T-shirt Example
  • solid color athletic t-shirt
    • any color
    • no writing on it
  • a pair of finger-tip length gym shorts
    • appropriate length reinforced
  • tennis shoes
  • DON’T wear –
    • earrings
    • jewelry
    • spandex

Skills being scored:

  • Coaches will score each person on ability to do the skill and their Form Level of each of the following skills (___ out of 10 = Form Level):
    • 10 overhand serves
    • 10 passes to the setter position
    • 10 sets to the outside position
  • Volleyball drills/scrimmaging
    • Coaches observe each individual on skill performance during volleyball drills and a volleyball game.

What to expect if you make the York Volleyball Team:

  • 7th grade: every morning, arrive at 7:15 AM; practice continues until the end of 1st period
  • 8th grade: every day, begins in 7th period; practice continues until 5:10 PM
  • Volleyball games on Thursdays
  • 2 Volleyball tournaments
  • Mandatory Parent Meeting – during the first week of Volleyball practice
  • York supplies –
    • practice clothing
    • team backpack
    • black knee pads
    • uniform