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Welcome to Coach Ling's
Health Class

1st period:  Athletics
2nd period:  Health
3rd period: Health
4th period:  Conference
5th period:  Health
6th period: Health
7th period:  Athletics

*Parent Conferences must be scheduled through the counseling center.

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Health Class Information
Health Class is a class that serves as a general knowledge health class.  It provides an over view about health as it pertains to the Body, Mind and Social Well - Being of an individual.  This class covers topics ranging from Social and Mental Health, Basic Nutrition, The Body Systems, Fitness, Drugs, Alcohol, and Abstinence

Scope and Sequence:
1st Nine Weeks
Week #1 - - Introduction to Health
                        A) The Health Triangle
                        B) Factors that affect health status and health inventory
                        C) Responsible Decisions Making
                        D)Communication Skills
Weelks #2 - 3 - - Mental and Emotional Health
                        A) Good Character Development
                        B) Different Types of Personalities
                        C) Addictive Personalities
                        D) Personality disorders
                        E) Expressing emotions/Stress Management
                        F) Environment issues
                        G) Dealing with depression
                        H) Dealing with grief and loss
                        I)  The Nervous System
Week #4 - - Nutrition
                        A) Nutrients and Food Lables
                        B) Dietary Guidelines and Food Groups
Week #5 - - Developing Eating Habits
                        A) Healthy eating habits
                        B) Meal options
                        C) Body composition
                        D) Loosing/Gaining weight
                        E) Eating Disorders
                        F) The digesrive system
Week #6 - -  Personal Health and Physical Activity
                        A) Rest and Sleep
                        B) Practicing Fitness
                        C) The Skeletal System
                        D) The Muscualr Syatem
Weeks #7 -> 9 - - Drugs
                        A) Prescription/OTC Drugs
                        B) Alcohol and Fetal Alcohol Sundrome
                        C) Tobacco
                        D) Illeagal Drugs

2nd Nine Weeks -
Weeks #1 -4 - - Family and Social Health
                        A) Family Relationships
                        B) Dating and Friendships
                        C) Dating Viloence
                        D) Accessing Health Services
                        E) Abstinence
                        F) Harmful Realtionships
                        G) Marriage
                        H) Growth and Development of Males and Females
                        I) Pregnancy and Childbirth
Weeks #5 - 9 - - Health Conditions
                        A) The Endocrine Systems
                        B) Diabetes
                        C) The Immune System
                        D) Non-Communicable Diseases
                        E) Cancer
                        F) STDs
                        G) Injury Prevention/First Aid
                        H) Natural Disasters
                        I) Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
                        J) CPR
                        K) AED
                        L) Choking
                        M) First Aid check the "Homework," "Class Calendar," and "Download" links to the left.

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