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York Tennis
The 2017 York Tennis season has been short, but very successful. 7th graders Andy Shen and Gabriel Struve took 1st place in singles during our opening meet against McCullough on April 6th. Both 7th and 8th grade players dominated in singles and doubles at the Peet and Knox meets on April 13th & 20th. Players are ready for their final match-up in the regular season against Irons JH on April 27th. During practice and meets, players have displayed progress while demonstrating incredible sportsmanship, dedication and enthusiasm.  It has been a pleasure to coach the following outstanding 2017 York Tennis players:
7th Grade: Emily Arreola, Marjorie Carlson, Hana Chau, Katrina Curry, Ashlyn Dill, Riley Hale, Elena Lewis, Nicole Nguyen, Ava Grace Newton, Savanah Phan, Trista Tully, Styhlor Barnes, Chase Brown, Robbie Crawford, Brandon Escobar, Joshua Helton, Christopher Hernandez, Drew John, Alexander Lammayot, Joshua Lyon, Mustafa Mabrook, Nick Martin, Gavin Nutt, Andy Shen, Gabriel Struve, Owen Ward and Ben Zufelt. 8th Grade: Ella Bishop, Sydney Brooks, Naomi Cozma, Amber Edwards, Sophie Ellner, Iliana Garcia, Emily Gonzales, Aleena Kolluri, Ashlyn Lewis, Laura Searfass, Hayley Singkhek, Alexa Tapia, Rachel Uthe, Shaela Valenzuela, Renzo Chavarria, Leonardo Di Mauro, Nathan Freitas, Cade Hogelin, Yusef Khattab, Luke Lendvai, Grant Nickel, Noah Sterenberg, Adam Stinson, Dean Thomas and Eli Ward.

The Conroe ISD District Tennis Tournament is scheduled for May 1st for 7th grade boys and girls. 8th grade boys and girls will play on May 2nd. Both will be held at The Woodlands High School beginning at 4:30pm. Parents can either sign their players out after their match at TWHS or they can pick them up at York. Your player will call you when the meet has ended, but be prepared to pick them up around 7:00pm at York.

The following players will represent York JH at District:
7th Grade: Marjorie Carson (Singles), Ashlyn Dill (Singles), Ava Grace Newton/Riley Hale (Doubles), Nicole Nguyen/Savanah Phan (Doubles), Andy Shen (Singles), Gabriel Struve (Singles), Alexander Lammayot/Drew John (Doubles) and Joshua Lyon/Chase Brown (Doubles).
8th Grade: Laura Searfass (Singles), Iliana Garcia (Singles), Sophie Ellner/Alexa Tapia (Doubles), Hayley Singkhek/Aleena Kolluri (Doubles). Dean Thomas (Singles), Cade Hogelin (Singles), Renzo Chavarria/ Adam Stinson (Doubles), Luke Lendvai/ Grant Nickel (Doubles) and Noah Sterenberg/Eli Ward (Alternates).

We wish all of these players the best of luck during their matches at the District Tournament and thank all York Tennis players, along with their parents/guardians, for a wonderful 2017 season.
~Coach Natalie Clark & Coach Amanda Yeager

7th Grade Conroe ISD District Tennis Tournament (5/1 & 5/2) Brackets. Thank you!

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7GD Bracket 2.docx

7BS Bracket.docx

7BD Bracket 2.docx

8GS Bracket.docx
8GD Bracket.docx

8BS Bracket.docx

8BD Bracket.docx
Meet Information and reminders for 5/1 & 5/2 District Tournaments. There will be no make-up if the meet is cancelled because of rain.

York Tennis District Meet Reminders.docx

As always, it is appropriate in Tennis for spectators to clap upon points. Please refrain for yelling or shouting at players during the matches. It can be very distracting for all players. We want to promote courtesy and good sportsmanship at all times. If your player has an issue with calls being made during a match, notify a coach and we will address it.

****Oak Ridge High School Booser Club Tennis Tournament: If your player is interested in playing in a Doubles Tournament on April 30th, check out the flier below.****

Annual ORHS Booster Club Tournament 3.pdf

Please sign up for Remind if you haven't already. You can also do this through the Remind app or on your desktop at www.remind.com. Sign up and then enter code 6887ka for access to the Tennis Remind. This is how I will notify you of cancellations and other brief information.

2017 Welcome Information:
The attached was distributed at the parent information meeting.
Welcome to the 2017 York Tennis season0.pdf

SCHEDULE: Practice begins next week 3/27/17: Girls will practice every Monday and Wednesday morning starting at 7:25 and boys will practice every Tuesday and Thursday morning starting at 7:25. No practice if rain or inclement weather the am of practice. Please sign up for remind to receive notifications of practice cancellation and other important reminders.

Players should dress appropriately and bring their own racquet and water to each practice.

If a player will be absent to practice due to illness or another circumstance, please email Coach Clark prior to or on the day they will miss. Determination for the week's meet eligibility with regard to absence will be made by Coach Clark.

The top 10 players (determined by play matches during practice) from each division (7th grade boys, 7th grade girls, 8th grade boys & 8th grade girls) will represent York at Conroe ISD Junior High Tennis each week at the Tennis meets (see schedule below).

Players attending the meet will be issued a York Tennis shirt to wear to the meet. Boys should wear black shorts, issued York shirt and tennis shoes to the meet. Girls should wear black shorts (NO SPANDEX) or a black tennis skirt, issued York Tennis shirt and tennis shoes. In addition, players should bring water and be prepared for the weather including bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, visor etc.


Pre- Participation Form must be on file


Tennis Coach:  Natalie Clark

2017 Tennis Schedule

Week 1
Team    Opponent
Thursday, April 6
Week 2  
Thursday, April 13
Week 3
Thursday, April 20
Week 4
Thursday, April 27
District Tournament
Monday, May 1
7th Grade District Tournament (Boys & Girls)
Tuesday, May 2
8th Grade District Tournament (Boys & Girls)

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