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Help Choosing a Book

What Should I Read Next?

If you really like a certain book, but in that information and see what it recommends. We don’t necessarily have every book this site mentions. If it recommends a book you would like to read but isn’t in our library, put it in the suggestion box. Ask someone in the library if another school has it and maybe we can ask the other librarian if we can borrow it!

What Should I Read Next?


Look at some online book lists. They are a great place to start if you have no idea what to get. We did not create any of these lists, so remember that you don’t have to read any of these titles if you don’t feel comfortable.

Use the Online Catalog

Search the online catalog for anything you are interested in and see what comes up. If we don’t have something and you really think we should buy it, put a comment in the suggestion box at the circulation desk. We promise to try and purchase all suggestions.

Please don’t but holds on items yourself; the system doesn’t notify us efficiently if you do. Ask someone in the library to put a hold on a book instead.

You can also ask for books and renew them online 24 hours a day!