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Student Technology Support

Student Logins

There are many things students will need to log in to while they are in Conroe ISD. Fortunately, the main things you need to know will be the same. Unfortunately, lots of logins have the teeniest of differences that can make this difficult to not mix up. Below, you will find different scenarios for different things you need to log in to. For each scenario, we will be using a fake student as an example. To see how a student’s username and password are derived, click the first option below. Do not use the exact username and password in the examples. Use the username and password specific to the student.

Remember to log out of anything, including computers, when you are done using them. This will help keep your account safe.

Technology Support

All students at York will be expected to utilize a variety of technology during the learning process. Below are some helpful ideas, tips, and how-to information.

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