2016-2017 York JHS Dress and Grooming Guidelines

The following outline shall serve as a guide for junior high school students. However, "appropriateness of dress and appearance" will be determined by and enforced by the administration on an individual basis. Administrators have the final decision regarding appropriateness of dress.

1. Students may not wear garments that allude to, advocate, or display gangs, racism, sexual messages, religious discrimination, harassment, display obscenities, violence, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, or any other prohibited substances.

2.  All shirts must have sleeves. Spaghetti straps, small straps, racer back tank tops and halter tops are not allowed.

3. Shirts must cover the chest area well enough so that no cleavage can be seen. Shirts may not hang below the upper portion of the thigh.

4. No sheer or see-through garment (including see-through laced clothing) can be worn if undergarment is visible.

5. All garments including shorts, skirts, and dresses must be an appropriate and modest length. All of these garments must be of fingertip length.

6.  No holes or tears above the fingertips are allowed in jeans, shorts, or   skirts.  Students may not use tape or safety pins to conceal the holes.

7. Pants should not be sagging. Pants should be worn at the hip or higher; no undergarment should be visible.

8. Clothing/pants with words across the behind are not allowed.

9. No boxers, pajama bottoms, or sleep apparel are allowed. Spandex may only be worn for athletics or P.E.

10. Students must wear appropriate underclothing and undergarment should not be visible.

11. All students must wear shoes. Students are not allowed to wear house shoes or slippers.

12. Sunglasses and shades are not to be worn on the students while in the building.

13. Hats, caps, bandannas, do-rags and any other form of head coverings are not allowed.

14. Students may not wear any kind of chains on their clothing.

Pants and Shorts
1. Undergarments must never be visible.
2. Pants or shorts with holes above the fingertips may not be worn.
3. Shorts must not be shorter than fingertip length.

4. Boxer shorts and bicycle shorts are not allowed.

5. No tight pants, yoga pants, stretch pants, leggings, etc.are allowed unless worn with a skirt or dress of fingertip length.

6. No sagging, oversized pants allowed.

Pants for boys and girls must be worn at the waist and should never expose the underwear, whether by accident or intent. Students who are deemed to be “sagging” must tuck in their shirt and use a belt. If the student does not have a belt, the student will be asked to change.

Skirts and Dresses
1. Skirts and dresses must not be shorter than fingertip length.

2. Backless dresses or dresses without sleeves are not allowed.

Shirts and Blouses
1. Stomachs must be covered at all times.

2. Undergarments must never be visible.

3. Backless or see-through blouses/shirts or blouses without sleeves may not be worn. No cleavage can be revealed.

4. Tank tops or muscle shirts may not be worn unless worn over a shirt that meets the dress code.

5. Blouses or shirts of see-through material without the wearing of an appropriate vest or shirt/blouse are not permitted.

6. Young ladies must remember that the neckline of their shirts should be appropriate.

7. If a shirt is past fingertip length it must be tucked in. Extra long T-shirts that cover pockets are not permitted.

8. Dress code applies to all before/after school functions.

Any other dress code issues that are not written in the handbook will be dealt with by the York Jr. High Administration. They have discretion as to what is or is not appropriate.


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