How can we show G.R.I.T. at York Junior High School?


Create a public service announcement that demonstrates a student's ability to show G.R.I.T. at York JHS.  Your PSA should contain:
  • a title that shows G.R.I.T. and what the words mean.
  • a two minute video depicting G.R.I.T. showing how to "spot it, get it, construct it".
  • a one page written explanation of your PSA.
  • **Remember** If you mention a person, you aren't writing about their entire life.  You CAN, however, use them as an example and show how they exhibited G.R.I.T.  This could be a historical figure or someone more modern.  It could even be someone you know!
Below, you can find some resources to help you conduct your research and to create your PSA.

Information on People:
Again, you aren't writing about their life story.  If you choose to use a person as an example, you will show your audience how they overcame something using G.R.I.T.  You may use none of these resources and just interview a person.  That would be amazing!
  • Biographies - We have an entire wall dedicated to books about real people.  You can search by going to the library catalog.  They are in order by subject; a book about Ms. Goddard would be under B GOD.
  • Gale Databases - Newspapers, magazines, books, etc. in an electronic format.  These are constantly updated so you have a better chance of finding more modern people here.
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library - eBooks.  This is like the reference section of the library in google-able form.
  • Searching the Internet Efficiently - I know that most of you will just want to search via Google.  If you must, use these search tips.  There are also tips on how to evaluate a website and where to get copyright friendly pictures for your PSA.
Information on Grit:
Information on creating PSAs:
  • How to Create the Perfect PSA - If this project seems too overwhelming, read this article to break the process down into smaller steps.
  • Examples of PSAs - The Ad Council makes so many PSAs.  Go ahead and look at some to help you come up with some ideas of how to inspire your audience.
  • PSA Script Outline - Read-Write-Think put together this worksheet together to help you outline your script.  It may make things a little easier.
Ideas for your presentation:
  • iMovie and Vimeo - You'll have a few days with iPads with both of these programs on them.  If this is your choice, be ready.  You can make your Vimeo account now.  Watch this video to see how you can upload to Vimeo from iMovie.
  • Technology Support Page - Here are lots of presentation ideas and resources to create your presentation.  However you choose to produce your PSA, make sure you have a plan that has been approved by your teacher.  You will need it to be in the form of a playable movie; no PowerPoints, Prezis, or other similar programs will be approved.  If you choose an option found on this or any other site, you will be responsible for having the equipment needed.
  • Storyboard Template - This printable will help you map out your PSA so you can more efficiently use you the iPads or whatever resource you choose.  You can plan out the shots or pictures you need for your project.  You don't have to be an artist; stick figures are perfectly acceptable.
  • Tools to cite your sources - This takes you to the library student resources page.  There are several options for you to choose to get help citing your sources.
  • Things to think about - Your peers are the audience for this PSA.  Remember that you will need to grab their attention.  If you think it is boring, so will they.  Convince them.  Inspire them.  We are hoping to show some of these on the York Eagle News Network.


Points Possible
Team Thinking Map
Team Summary of PSA
Length and Creativity
G.R.I.T. Examples in PSA
Overall PSA

If you have trouble finding information or have questions about resources, email Ms. Goddard.  If you find an awesome resource that woul benefit your classmates, tell her that too!


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