York Junior High School Library Policies
Students are made aware of these policies during their orientation to the library at the beginning of the year.

  • In order to check out a book, a student needs to have their ID card or key in their ID number (same as their lunch number).  When there is a book checkout class, this speeds things up because we do not have issues such as being unable to hear, misspelling a name, etc.  We need to be consistent in our expectations so students remember what is expected of them.  Teachers are able to look up student ID numbers.  The library staff will not look this up for students.

  • No food or drink are allowed in the library unless a staff member is providing the food or drink.  Sometimes Ms. Goddard goes blind and does not see students who are drinking water at a table away from computers.

  • Students may check out only two books at a time.  Sometimes exceptions (to check out three books) are made for students who are always polite and do not have any fines on their account.  Exceptions are up to the discretion of the library staff.

  • Students can check out two items, but only one of those can be a playaway.  Playaways cost $45 - $60 so we do not want to put that kind of responsibility on a junior high student.  If a student does not return their playaway with the battery, battery cover, or lanyard, a replacement cost of $2.50 will be applied to their account for each item lost.

  • When students whine, the librarian goes deaf.  When students ask questions like the ladies and gentlemen they are, the librarian is pleased to help the students in any way she can.

  • Students will receive fines for turning in their books late ($0.10 per day, not counting weekends and holidays).  Tips on how to never have late fines can be found here.  Students are made aware of where to find these tips and given a pamphlet with these tips listed during orientation.  Library staff often give students the "sweet and polite" discount.  This is at the discretion of the library staff.  If a student has a fine, they are still able to check out books.  They are more strict about this in high school.  

  • Students will receive fines for lost books.  If a student thinks they lost a book, they should report this to the library as soon as possible.  If the student can't find the book anywhere, they can either pay for book or replace the book with a copy in excellent condition.  In most cases, we will expect a hardcover copy.  We will not give discounts on fines for lost books, but if the book is replaced with a copy that happens to cost less than what we paid, we don't mind:)

  • The library will be printing out fine notices once each quarter.  All students can log on to their Destiny account to see fines, holds, and due dates of books checked out.  Students can go here, choose York, and log on using the same username and password that they use for FirstClass and GoogleDocs.  All teachers can look up their students' information.  If a parent wants this information, Ms. Goddard will be happy to look up that info.  If students want this information, they will be directed to their teacher.  Currently, the library catalog cannot be accessed outside of the building.  Since we are open without passes before school and during lunches, students have plenty of opportunity to check their accounts.

  • If you are paying a fine by check, we now need to have the Driver License number and birthdate displayed on the check.  This is a Conroe ISD policy.  

  • We now have access to BlackBoard Connect.  If you have a valid email in ViewIt, you will receive email fine notifications that will go out periodically throughout the school year.  Some of these emails will be to inform parents of library events.  If a student is receiving a late fine notice, we will be sending a generic message out to their parent(s) to keep an eye out for those sheets.

  • Our system will not give fines for dates falling on a weekend.  Unfortunately, the system does not know when we are on vacation.  Sometimes we forget to tell the system about all vacations.  Due to these unfortunate circumstances, students will have the entire week after a break to return/renew their book (without fines!) if the due date falls on a vacation day.  If the due date is just before or just after the vacation, the students will need to return/renew at that time.

  • There may be QR codes at the entrance to the library.  As per the school's cell phone policy, students may only use their phones to scan these QR codes if their classroom teacher (who should be with them) approves when the class visits as a whole.  When the student is here with a pass, before school, or during lunches, we don't mind students using cell phones in the library as long as they are being safe, not taking pictures of us, and only listening to music/audiobooks/any other sound with their own headphones at a volume befitting a library setting.  They should also not be texting or making phone calls while in the library.

  • Unless a student is with a class, they must have a pass.  This pass must have all five parts included on it.
1. Name - If the pass is for three people, there should be three names.  If the pass is in a planner, we will assume the name is written in the planner.  If the pass is written on a piece of paper, the name needs to be included.  For all we know, you found the pass on the floor.
2. Date - It needs to have today's date.  If the pass is in a planner, it should be written in the appropriate column.
3. Time - The time needs to be a time reasonably close to the current time.  Don't come to the library at 2:00 PM with a pass from 11:30 AM and wonder why you are being sent out.  That is just silly.
4. Location - It needs to say library.  Sometimes teachers write "bathroom" or "BR" because they have written so many passes that day.  We are unable to accept this even if the teacher really meant "library".  Please check this before leaving the classroom.
5. Signature/initials - This needs to be from someone who works at York.  We may ask you who signed it too.  

  • When students visit with an acceptable pass, they need to sign in.  We have a new computer system that makes signing in really easy.  We want to know their student ID number, why they are here, and who sent them.  The computer automatically records the time.  Sometimes the computers go down and we have to go the old fashioned way.  Old fashioned signing in requires each student to write their name, who sent them, the time they arrived, and the date.  We are really mean and make students read the clock for the time if they ask us.  The time should also be written on their pass.

  • If a student visits the library with an incomplete pass, they will be sent back to class to get their pass fixed.   While it may not be their fault for having an incomplete pass, it is, unfortunately, their problem.  It is easier for the student to check for all five parts before they leave the classroom and they are encouraged to do so.

  • Computers are for academic use only.  We aren't going to change our minds.  This includes the time before school and during lunches.

  • Students can print up to five pages a day (of academically related material) for free.  After that, printing is five cents a page.  If a student finds something they really need to print and it happens to be eight pages (or something like that), the library staff can be convinced to let this slide if asked before printing.

  • We are now open to students before school and during lunches.  Students are able to check out books, study, and work on homework during this time.  Computers will also be available for academic use.  They are not able to simply sit and talk; even when everyone is behaving, it gets too loud for those that are trying to be productive.  We ask students to sit and talk to their friends in the cafeteria.  We are not open after school.

  • Students may check out and renew books online using the forms found on the library webpage.  If students check out books using the form, the books they requested will be delivered to their class as soon as possible.  Students have access to these forms twenty-four hours a day.

  • We have a library assistant this year so we will be open most of the time.  There are times we may be closed for different school events but this will be incredibly infrequent.  Students will still be able to request, renew, or turn in books using the links on our webpage or the drop box outside the library doors.

  • If a class is scheduled to come to the library, they are able to enter regardless of the closed/open status.  Students are scheduled to visit the library about every three weeks with their Language Arts class.  Language Arts teachers may decide not to bring students on their day for various reasons.  Students are still responsible for renewing/returning on time.

  • While we are open most of the time this year, we will continue to provide ways for students to "handle their business" without having to enter the library.
1. Students may request books at any time using this form (also on the library webpage).  The library catalog can be used to find books in the library and when students use the form, we can have the books delivered to the student.  This usually happens the same or next school day.  Students may use this form even if the library is open.  Every Language Arts class has a set of classroom computers and the library is open before school and during lunch, so each student has access at least once during the school day.
2. Students can renew books using this form (also on the library webpage).
3. A more in depth description of all the options students have can be found on our "how not to get a fine" page (also on the library webpage).
4. While all of these options help with book checkout, none help with accessing the printer if the library is closed (which is VERY rare).  We have asked teachers to plan and sign up for adequate time with the computer lab or a WOW cart to help with this problem.  Teachers have definitely stepped up to this request.  Students should try their best to not wait until the last minute to print or they may be disappointed.  Using time wisely in class is a wonderful idea.  Trying to email their work to their teacher is another fabulous option.  Again, students will have access to computers at least once a day during their Language Arts class.  As long as the library is open, students have access to library computers before school and during lunches.  

If you have any other questions, please email Ms. Goddard.  Policies will be updated as needed.


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