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Spring Semester Information

January 9th

Students will return to school and report to their 2nd period class from the 1st semester. In this class, all students will receive a new schedule with their second semester classes. After about 5 minutes in 2nd period, students will report to their new 1st period class and then follow their new schedule for the rest of the day.

Please remember that our counselors are not making schedule changes for the 2nd semester classes. There are 2 exceptions: the student already took the elective class or the student didn’t take the prerequisite class for that elective (example: Tech II, but never took Tech I).

Students who were absent during their Midterm Exam –

If your student was absent during one or more of their exams, it is your student’s responsibility to arrange a time with their teacher to make-up their exam. The last day to take a make-up exam is January 19, 2018.

8th grade students –

All 8th grade students need to complete a four year plan and select their desired courses for High School online in Student/Parent Access. They can access this from home and we will also begin to pull students out of class next week. The hard copy documents and power point instructions are located on our York Counseling Center webpage, under the “Preparing for High School” tab. Because of block scheduling, those students who will be participating in a sport will need 7 credits each year. Those students who will NOT be participating in a sport will need 8 credits each year. If you do not see a desired course available for your child to select online please email your child’s counselor. Student last names A-K will contact Carol Ann West ( and student last names L-Z will contact Lona Snell (

Conroe ISD Western Art Show-

The Western Art Show will be held on Saturday, January 13, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The exhibit is held in the gymnasium at the 9th Grade Campus of Conroe High School. Every school in our district is represented.

Parent Access –

Please sign up for a Parent Access account (PAC) if you have not done so already. This account will allow you to receive announcements, newsletters, safety information, absence and tardy notifications and other important updates. Throughput the year, you can log in to view grades, report cards, discipline records, cafeteria accounts and STAAR scores. If you registered for an account last year, you will not need to re-register for an account this year. To register, please visit